Assalamo alykum respected members
May Allah swt bless you and your families. This is to announce that the month of Zulhaj has started. The Eid Ul Adhah will be on Sunday, the 16th of June. The prayer arrangements are as follows:
1) The first prayer is at the mosque ( 27 Horncastle road, PE21 9BU) for those who are working.

The prayer will be at 7:30 AM. Inshallah
2) The main prayer will be at Princess Royal Sports Arena (Great Fen Rd, Wyberton, Boston PE21 7PB) at 9:30am
. Everyone can join the event as prophet, may peace be upon him, encouraged whole families to join.
3) The center is only available till 11 am. Therefore, there will be no food served in the hall. However, the programme for families and children has been arranged outside around the track. Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish or two of food for celebration. May the Creator bless you all.
Eid Mubarak to all.

Abdul Hamid Qureshi (Imam) contact no: 07914720561

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