Assalamo alykum respected members
May the Creator bless you all.
Please note we will be starting a module to understand Islam for youth. This module 1 will be a 8/10 days programme . This programme will help to understand faith in the context of universe, life and existence. This will tackle the question about the relevance of faith with life.
The programme will start from Monday 14th of August 2023. Time after Zuhr prayers (1:30PM) at UKIM Boston Mosque. The duration of the session will be one hour every day. The programme will run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays for two weeks. We will also go through a book called: understanding towards Islam during this period. Anyone wants to be part of it come at Zuhar prayers with a note book and pen. Those who want to participate must commit for eight days of the programme. Thanks.

The mosque actively promotes and encourages greater learning and understanding of Islam by both its regular congregation and also non-Muslims.

  • Quran circle for adults takes place on Fridays.
  • Study of Hadith from the book Mishkaat al Masaabeeh (مشكاة المصابيح) in English and Urdu language with Arabic Matn (text) after Isha Prayer on a daily basis.

Our Evening Madrassah is for the children above 5 years:

  • Quran Class for children (17:30 -19:00, Monday – Thursday)
  • Islamic Studies Class for children (17:30 – 19:00, Friday)

We teach the children The Holy Quran & Hadeeth. Children memorize selected Surahs, Namaz and selected supplications by heart. They are also taught the Seerah of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), Seerah of various Messengers and Khulafa-e- Rashideen (peace be upon them) as well as other issues pertaining Islamic Studies Fiqh/Islamic Jurisprudence and Tehzeeb (Islamic Manners).

Application form:

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